Wearing Human hair weave can cover the disadvantages of own hair, this is the biggest feature of human hair bundles we have known.

For some human hair beginners, if they want to enhance beauty by cheap human hair weave, they must have a complete understanding of what is human hair weave.

What is human hair weave


※ The source of human hair weave

※ What is human hair weave

※ The benefits of human hair weave

We will first discuss why 100 human hair weave has become so popular, how the best human hair weave is coming to people’s minds.

The source of human hair weave

In some countries, people lived there haven’t long and beautiful natural hair because of the environment. But having a head of full and beautiful natural hair is the common dream of women. This is the first reason for human hair bundles appear.

For many women with own natural hair, they want to have the multiple hairstyles like curly weave human hair, body wave hair, natural wave hair, curly weave hair, etc to decorate their beauty. But big damage will be caused if changing their hair by heat style, then the best human hair weave appears to meet people’s demand for changing hairstyles without damage own hair.

The third reason is for women with hair loss, bald, bad-looking hairline, and other hair problems. Human hair wigs made of the best human hair weave and 100% bundles with closure can well cover all the hair problems and show natural and beautiful hair effects. Enhance the confidence of wigs wearers.

human hair weave sew in

These are reasons for demand sides, regarding the human hair supplier, there are many women who lived in some small, remote, and poor villages that have a head of long and healthy hair, they usually donate their beautiful hair for livelihood.

These human hair weave demands and human hair donator caused the supply and demand relationship. The best human hair weave for black women's hair has become an essential part of women who want to be beautiful.

What is human hair weave

Human hair weave is also called as real human hair bundles.

1, Material

100% real human hair.

2, Quality

Collected with original cuticle, smooth, no shedding and no tangle, natural luster, bring the natural wearing effects.

3, Lifetime

Production procedure without any harmful chemical component, double wefts, long service time under proper maintaining.

human hair weave

4, Function

As human hair extensions are sewn in own hair braid. Sewn with lace frontal closure or lace closure to make human hair wigs.

5, Classification

Remy hair and virgin hair are two popular human hair types.

What is remy hair?

Remy hair is very popular. All hair is collected from the same one  donator, cut the hair directly after putting hair into a ponytail. Remy human hair keeps the original cuticle, all the hair is facing the same direction( every hair strand is collected from up to down separately). Smooth with natural luster, no shedding, and no tangle. 

What is virgin hair?

Virgin hair is the original human hair, the quality is better than remy hair, the price is also higher than remy hair. The hair is collected without any style, that is to say, all the hair hasn’t been permed, colored, curled, bleached or other restyled when growing on the donators’ head. It is the highest grade of human hair. The standard of virgin hair is also very strict, virgin hair must be collected from young ladies with healthy hair.

The benefits of human hair weave

1, Cover bad own hair

As we have mentioned above, the best wet and wavy human hair weave can cover the bad hair condition. Cheap human hair wigs made of human hair weave bundles with closure will bring the beautiful and natural hair to women.

2, Protect natural hair

When you wearing the best human hair weave, your natural hair is braided close to your scalp, the human hair weave bundles have become your daily hair, they will bear all the friction and damage replace your natural hair.

3, Meet the requirement of varied hairstyle

Maybe you are fed up with the same hairstyle, you want your hair colored, curled, or other texture types. Then you can buy the best human hair for sew in weave with different hair textures and hair colors. Wearing them you can have different hairstyles every day, without worrying about the damage your natural hair.

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