In the hair extensions market, remy hair is the best seller that many American Africa women would like to choose. Remy hair can create more natural appearance.

What is remy hair?

Remy hair refers to the hair collected from the donors. And the hair cuticles are aligned in the same direction. The overall cut remy hair from the lady is called virgin hair, which is rare and very expensive. In fact, the remy hair in the market refers to the part cut human hair from the lady and the hair cuticles are reversed in the same direction. And this remy hair is easy to get and the price is affordable!

Advantages of Remy hair

Due to the same direction of cuticles, the remy hair is not easy to mat or tangle compared to the regular human hair and other hair. Mini tangle may happen just like your own hair. At the same time, remy hair is shiner and smoother and healthier than regular human hair. Its color and texture is more close to the human natural skin compared to synthetic hair or animal hair.

Can be styled

Remy hair can be styled like your own hair. It can be bleached, dyed and permed. The straight hair can be permed , and the curly wave can be straightened. When you dye the remy hair, remember to use darker color than the color of remy hair.

In the contrast, any hair cut from the head has lost the nutrition. Thus frequent styles will also do some harm to the remy hair. So you have to take care of remy hair well and use some good shampoo, olive-oil and conditioner to increase nutrition. In a summary, the service time of remy hair will depend on how you take care of it! offers 100% remy hair. The hair is collected from Brazilian, Indian, Maylaysian and Peruvian donators. The cuticles remain aligned in one direction. Not easy to mat or tangle. Free shipping to America. Welcome to choose.