Hair weaves have brought a glamorous feminine look to women for over 5000 years. Initially, they were mostly used by celebrities. Today, women from all over the globe are rocking these pieces.

The hair extensions have rapidly evolved and they suit the needs of the modern world. Nevertheless, it’s easy to experiment weaves on your hair because not all hairstyles suit you. For this reason, it’s important for you to understand them and especially the ones you are wearing.


1.What is a weave?

2.Types of hair weaves

3.Types of weaves texture

4.The different types of weave hairstyles

What Is A Weave?

This is basically a hair extension or an artificial hair integration that will add volume and length to your hair. You install following the different methods which include gluing, clipping or sewing in. Weaves or origin dates back to around 3400 BC when Cleopatra dyed the human hair and sheep wool then wore it on his head. At this time, they used resin and beeswax to attach them to the head. Weaves have since gotten popular among different races of the globe and especially the black community. The weave is often sews in not worn to cover your head as the wig does. It will, therefore, last more weeks on your head.

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Types Of Hair Weaves

Before we delve deep into the topic of weaves, we need to know the types of hair weaves.

Synthetic Hair

This happens to be the cheapest hair you may use to make weaves. The hair is made using microfibers which means that you shouldn’t use it with heat. Heat burns it and makes it look weird as it bends it. Otherwise, there is a quality synthetic hair that makes quality weaves. Sometimes you can’t even tell the difference between it and the human hair. The hair types have come a long way and are being made to emulate the human hair today.

Human Hair

This hair is basically comes from human donors and it normally looks very close to your hair. You wash the hair the same way you do with your natural hair and style it the same. Although it’s a little more expensive, it’s worth it because it feels as though you are styling your own hair.

Virgin Human Hair

Within the human hair, is the kind of hair we call the virgin human hair. This is that is taken directly from the scalp of the donor. The hair is more durable and long-lasting it isn’t chemically treated. Unlike the normal human hair, this one allows you to treat it or use a lot of heat on it.

Remy Hair

This is the kind of human hair that is often a little more expensive. This hair has its cuticles remaining intact. The strands further run in the same direction and such hair is tangle-resistant and shedding resistant. It’s high-quality human hair type that when maintained properly can last longer.

Types Of Weaves Texture

There are many textures in regards to the hair extensions that are meant to accommodate all textures. However, they are sometimes overwhelming. You just can’t figure out which hair or texture will work for you at different times. As a guide, the hairstyle you are rooting for will reduce the number of weaves you are left with to choose as it also guides you into the right texture. Weaves vary from different textures to the wave patterns. It can be straight, tightly curled, wavy or deeply waved.

Peruvian Hair

The hair is popular in the market. It has the multipurpose textures which make it blend easily with all hair types especially relaxed hair. Using the hair, you can style it in every way you like. The hair is free-flowing, luxurious and lightweight. Yet it’s coarse and thicker in its construction than the Brazilian and Indian type. The natural state of the hair is curly, straight and wavy. Lastly, it has a medium to low luster.

Brazilian Hair

This is the most popular hair in the market. It suits hair types that are from African descent. It’s further the most versatile with a great density. This makes it frizz resistant. It’s soft and durable yet thick and full. You can color the hair and re-use it if you maintain it well. The hair rocks any style, wavy, curly or straight. It comes in various colors for you to choose from. Since it has a full body you may only need a few bundles. It further has a natural shine with medium to low luster.

Malaysian Hair

Another one of the popular hair types. If you are looking for sleek hair with excessive shine this is yours to rock. The shine reduces with a few washes then it takes on its natural sheen. It’s softer and silkier than other hair types. It holds your curls perfectly and it’s often dark brown in color. It never changes its construction even in humid environments. Frizz is unheard of. It has a medium to a high luster.

Indian Hair

It’s popular as well and the easiest to access. This hair you would describe as versatile and light. It’s tangles free and yet easy to style. The hair then maintains an effortless bounce. The hair ranges from straight to wavy look. You can easily style the hair to straight or curls. It’s known to hold curls well but not like the Malaysian one because it begins to loosen sooner. It blends well with all hair types and It never sheds easily. Use anti-frizz products as it easily starts to frizz.

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The Different Types of Weave Hairstyles

Curly Weave Style

This hair enjoys the natural thick curly hair patterns. These curls bounce back when wet. Most people love curly texture because it’s easy to maintain. You don’t have to style it as much because it already has its style on. The hair is often not affected by weather which makes it a durable piece. Curly textures further give you the youthful look.

Body wave weave style

This one suits those who are known to have wavy natural hair. It’s also open for use by those who often wand curl their hair. This hair comes in large in between curls that are either loose or tight. It will serve you if you have been wearing straight hair for long and need to change.They are voluminous yet subtle and in essence, the hair takes the s shape which is to tell you that they aren’t tight curls. The hair is further easy to manage. Maintain a shiny feel and appearance.It’s tangle resistance and doesn’t shed therefore requires less maintenance. The hair is beautiful in its appearance.

Loose wave weave style

This is another wavy style that has an easy spiral pattern. It’s the ideal style for you if you are looking for a loose curl pattern. This is where it gets its name from the curls that are basically loose. You can decide to make it straight sometimes and curly at other times. You could easily confuse the loose wave and body wave because they are so similar except for the fact that the loose wave curls are a little more defined.

Natural wave weave style

This is perfect for you if you are looking for a more natural wave pattern. It will rock different and multiple hairstyle patterns. Use this hair to enjoy a subtle hairstyle.

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Straight weave style

This is by far the most common. It works best for those who have naturally straight hair. Although if you can easily make your own hair straight then blending it with your natural hair is easy. The hair lays flat and smooth to any hairstyle. The cuticles will remain intact and easy to maintain and style. Whether you want it long or short the hairstyle is great.

There you have a list of all the weaves that would work for you. We have all kinds of weaves, if you want, please order from us. However, whenever you are choosing the hairstyle there are a number of factors which determine the weave you choose. Always go for what works best for you.