Some customers asked me questions about Brazilian weaving. Here I want to tell you weave extension of Brazil with 100% natural remy hair, which has a natural wave. It will become more curly when the hair gets wet.

Use the fusion method to attach hair extension strand by strand.These Brazilian hair extensions create a very natural look that allows African American women to curl their hair in any length.

Brazilian weaving hair can be used in any color or style you like, even after they've been used.If a professional hairstylist is careful to remove the hair, the hair can be reused.

The price of hair extensions varies from $200 to $500 depending on the type of hair used and the amount of expansion used.It is much more expensive to fuse extended hair than to weave extensions and other types of hair.

On, we offer four types of Brazilian hair weave to women, which are body waves, natural waves, loose waves and deep waves.They all use natural hair and have never been processed by chemicals.

Body wave is one of the most popular hair products on our website, and it's a wave pattern, not a tight roll, because the part of the hair is a bigger package roller.Body wavy hair will make you look sexier.