It is understood to slay through all seasons but there is something so special about summer, especially summer beach, and I'd like to share several distinctive styles that I think you'll adore rocking. If you would not like to be messed up your hair on the summer beach, Curly Hair is a good choice.

summer beach human hair ideas


※  Afro Kinky Curly Hair

※  Brazilian Natural Wave Hair Bundles

※ Peruvian Deep Wave Hair

※ Water Wave HD Lace Wig

※ Dreadlocks Extension

※ 613 Blonde Hair Weave

Afro kinky curly hair

Afro kinky curly hair is the perfect hairstyle to replace your real hair and it can imitate your hair extension. This is a fun and lively way to sit in the sun and stay stylish.

There is a beautiful side thickness, volume, thick and dense on classical Africa kinky hair, and it is very close to the look of your naturally curly hair.

Dsoar Hair offers Afro kinky curly hair bundle lengths from 10 inches to 26 inches.

Africa kinky curly hair

Water Wave HD Lace Wig

the famous "water wave".Many people call it the "mermaid hairstyle" and this human hair was designed for the beach. Its curls mimic the waves of water and are the perfect hairstyle to show off in your vacation photos. This hairstyle gives you a Caribbean flair.

The water wave human hair is very soft and runs very lovely through your fingers. This hair can be straightened easily -- making it a versatile style. When your straightening the water wave hair, please do not straighten it when it is wet, because when the hair is put back into the water, it returns to its natural wavy texture, these are called water waves

The HD lace is more breathable and thin than a normal lace wig or sew-in. HD lace is the most natural and highest quality lace currently available. This type of HD lace is not only thinner in structure, but also softer, lighter as well as more invisible than a normal lace. HD lace wig will certainly be a lot closer to the skin than the typical normal lace wig. The HD lace is melted into the scalp looks like the lace is the real scalp, and the hairline less visible because of the lighter and also softer lake, the HD unnoticeable lace frontal nearly creates no scratchy or inflamed feeling. So the water wave HD lace wig is the most perfect beach hair, do you think so? Dsoar Hair offers a water wave HD lace wig from 8 inches to 26 inches.

water wave HD lace wig

Brazilian Natural Wave Hair Bundles

Brazilian natural wave hair is thick, naturally curly, and soft.

They are more elegant than loose wave hair. The hair is thick from head to tail. If you are a girl who likes big curls, this is the perfect hairstyle. Thickness and shape will blend into it. You can bleach your hair, color it, or straighten it up to your hair type.

And at the beach, if you like thick hair, strong, durable, resistant to water, sand, and sweat. The natural Brazilian curl highlights its multiple uses -- you can dye and style your hair as much as you want, while keeping it silky, soft, with the extensions and hair you'll need for a perfect beach getaway.

Peruvian Deep Wave Hair

Do you want bouncy hair? Peruvian deep wave hair are not only thick and soft but also have a tighter curl pattern and are elastic. Peruvian deep wave hair is a cute and fun style which is perfect in the summer for its hairstyle and color. The thing I like about Peruvian deep wave hair, especially at this end, is that it always looks great when you're moving around in the water. A beach vacation? Peruvian deep wave hair can make sure you look mysterious and attractive.

Dsoar offers Peruvian hair extensions from 8 inches to 32 inches in deep curly hair. It also comes with a lace closure/frontal and lace wig.

Peruvian deep wave hair


Dreadlocks Extension

Dreadlocks extension is so easy but amazing because you can have braids without having to worry about it. Anyone who has ever worn a braid knows how long it takes to install and remove it.

With this style, you can skip all the braiding process and go straight to the styling, just install it and you're done. Dsoar Hair Dreadlocks extension also has a wide selection of colors for you to choose from. Also, install some fake locks and see if you like them. If you don't like them, you can take them out quickly.

dreadlock extension

613 blonde hair weave 

Golden summer and golden beach, of course, the blonde hair. The 613 blonde hair wave is undoubtedly the hero of every summer. It is popular on the beach, firstly, blonde hair is less heat absorption than black hair, and it can reduce the sweltering feeling of the scalp by ultraviolet radiation, second, the 613 blonde hair can make you look more lovely and active than black hair color.

Dsoarhair offers 613 hair bundles lengths from 8 inches to 32 inches. They also provide a lace closure or frontal in these hair bundles and straight or body wave for you to choose, Dsoar human hair is 100% Remy human hair, it is full and soft.

The varied hairstyles they will bring changeable hairstyle. If you like to change your hairstyle, the 613 blonde hair is helpful for you. Wearing the lace frontal/closure with bundles, you can comb your hair to any style you like. You can comb the human hair into a side-part hairstyle, a middle part hairstyle, a high ponytail, or you can even comb all your hair back directly left an entire and beautiful hairline.

Now, do you know what human hair weave or lace wigs to choose when you go to the summer beach? We’d love to see your comments below.