If you are a human hair bundles lover, you must know it is essential to wash human hair weave before installing. Maybe you also have a lot of experience in washing new arrived human hair bundles.

As a professional human hair supplier, we received a common consulting of if they should wash 100 human hair bundles before wearing from many customers. Then we write this blog to show some tips about why you should wash human hair weave bundles before installing and how to wash new cheap human hair bundles.

Should I wash my human hair bundles before installing


※ Why you should wash human hair bundles before installing

※ How to wash human hair bundles before installing

※ Dsoarhair big coupon for human hair bundles

First, we will discuss why you should wash human hair bundles before installing.

Why you should wash human hair bundles before installing

1, For clean

We all know, we should wash our new clothes before wearing, because we can’t promise the new clothes are clean. This principle is also used in human hair weave.

After we paid the order, the best human hair bundles will be packed and shipped out. We will need about 3 days to receive real human hair weave bundles. The first time, we received the human hair we bought, we should open the package to ensure if this is the right human hair weave bundles we ordered. The next step is washing the cheap human hair bundles, because we don’t know who packed the remy hair for us, and we also don’t know what has happened during the transportation, if the remy hair was opened to meet customs inspection or other inspection? This is all unknown to us. But the open and inspection procedure will bring dust and another crud to our 100 human hair bundles, so we should wash them cleaning as soon as we received. No matter what to say, wearing dirty human remy hair will make us feel uncomfortable.

2, For health

All the virgin remy hair is directly collected and produced without any harmful chemical element. But in order to keep the human hair good condition, remy hair vendors usually will spray some moisturizing essence to the best wet and wavy human hair weave. This has no bad smell and harmless, the only thing you should do is washing them after you received the hair.

3, For better installation

Whether you buy the cheap human hair weave bundles to extend or add your hair volume or buy human hair bundles with closure to sew in human hair wigs, washed brazilian human hair bundles can make your installation procedure more smoothly.

The human hair bundle deals will appear their best effects and condition after washing, you can install the best remy hair effects.

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How to wash human hair bundles before installing

Step one:

Mix the quality shampoo and moderate water, slightly stir the water with your hands until the shampoo melting with water.

We recommend you use high-quality shampoo, shampoo with moisturizing and moisturizing effects will be better.

Step two:

Detangle your real human hair bundles with your finger or wide teeth comb, in order to ensure the cheap human hair weave will keep away from tangle when putting them into water.

Step three:

Gently place the real 100 human hair bundles into the water, soft pat the best human hair weave, please remember not to rub the remy hair rudely.

Keep the human hair weave bundles cleaning for about 2 minutes.

Step four:

Wash your remy human hair weave bundles with clean water, ensure all the froth washed clean.

Step five:

Squeeze out any excess water, then lay your best natural human hair bundles flat on a clean dry towel. Apply some leave-in conditioner or hair care essential oil to your human hair bundles, wrap your remy hair bundles with a towel and leave them for about one hour. Then rinse your remy hair cleaning.

Step six:

Dry your remy hair bundles with a dry clean towel and natural air, don’t use overheat blower.

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