Peruvian hair is straight and a little coarse in the texture. But it is much easier to style. We can perm, straighten, dye and bleach it. And it can still keep in the relatively good condition. In the market, Peruvian human hair has all kinds of hair waves. And Peruvian deep wave and Peruvian body wave is the ones of most polular hairstyles.

For Peruvian deep wave, it has full and elastic curls. Many mature young women would like to choose this hairstyle. It is not flussy like the jerry curly or kinky curly. It is also not romantic like the body wave. It displays the modest and mature charm. After some time of wearing, if you want to change the hairstyle, you may straighten it. But remember to add wig care solution to keep its nutrition. Or your hair will get tangled after some time of service.

For Peruvian body wave, it has big and romantic curls. Many senior high school students and young girls are the fans of it. Body wave, like the flowing tree branch with the wind, leaves us the beauty of the messy. Perhaps you can find a handsome boyfriend if you wear body wave hairstyle.