Malaysian hair is soft and natural curl. It is one of hot sellers in the hair extensions marketing. The hair suppliers sell various Malaysian hairstyles online and offline. Today I will introduce 2 hairstyles to you-deep wave and body wave. They are both beautiful but display different temperation.

For Malaysian body wave, it has big curl and it is still smooth. Many girls in love would like to choose this hairstyle. Body wave display the romantic and charming temperation. Installing body wave seems the waterfalls on your back. In the hair processing, we use the big hair tube to curl to create natural and modest romantic curl.  After some time of use, you may straighten it. It can still be at good service. And if you want to perm it for smaller curls, you need straighten first and then perm. This may cause the hair coarser and damaged in some degree. However, if you can't make body wave at home but you like it very much, you may choose body wave first and this save you time and energy.

For Malaysian deep wave, it has smaller curl compared to the body wave. Many mature women like this hairstyles. It is not flussy like the jerry curly or kinky curly. It is also not romantic like the body wave. It displays the modest and mature charm.