When talking about Remy hair, we will associate it with human hair. Is Remy hair real human hair? What is the relation between Remy hair and real human hair? This has become the common concerned questions we have heard from our customers.

This blog aims to help women understand more Remy hair and human hair knowledge, if you are in the midst of Remy hair and human hair, then this is the right place you should enter.

Is Remy hair real human hair


1, The classification of human hair

2, What is Remy hair

If want to have a clear understanding of Remy hair and human hair, we should first understand the classification of human hair.

The classification of human hair

Human hair can be divided into processed human hair and unprocessed human hair. Unprocessed human hair is also called virgin hair.

100% human hair means all the hair is collected from the human head, without any animal hair or synthetic hair. But it does not ensure all the hair tail and hair are collecting in the same direction.

Compare with the synthetic hair, human hair bundles are the first choice when people wanting to wear real human hair weave.

Processed human hair means human hair bundles have been processed during the growth. This kind of human hair will be more fragile than the unprocessed human hair.

Virgin hair means collected the hair from the donator directly. Virgin human hair has never suffered chemical procedures during the growth and production process, will never shedding and tangle, can be dyed, colored, curled, permed, straightened and other heat styled. The quality of virgin hair is much higher than 100% human hair.

What is Remy hair

Remy hair means all the hair is cut directly from the donators’ head, all the hair and hairtail are facing the same direction, keeps the original features and cuticle, ensures the remy hair will never shedding and tangle.

Remy hair extensions also include two kinds: processed remy human hair and virgin remy hair.

Processed remy human hair means the hair may suffer chemical processed during the growth, the donators may color, straighten, curl, or other chemical treatments to their hair. But the hair is also collected with the original cuticle and keeps the head to tail separation. Processed human hair is also smooth for touching, can be dyed, permed, straightened, or other restyled. But the shedding and tangle will be hard to avoid under the long time using.

Virgin remy hair means the hair is chemical-free, no matter during the growth or the production. Virgin remy hair is the highest quality human hair weave, this kind of human hair will never shedding and tangle. 

remy hair bundles

Virgin remy human hair is highly welcome by women because of the exceptional quality and value. This provides a natural-looking, smooth and soft wearing feeling. Versatile hairstyles can meet the different demands of women.

In conclusion, All Remy hair is real human hair, but not all the human hair is Remy hair, remy hair is the high standard human hair, it is regarded as the finest human hair.

Details of virgin remy hair

1, Quality grade

7A, 8A, 9A, and 10A. 8A and 9A are the common grades in the market, 10A is the highest quality remy hair, the price is also expensive than 8A and 9A.

2, Advantages of remy hair

* Double weft, tangle free, shedding free, tight and neat.

* All cuticles attaches and aligned in one direction.

* Healthy, shiny, bouncy with the highest elasticity.

* Lasts up to about 12 months .

remy human hair weave sew in

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