Curls and waves Brazilian hair is popular in the market, however, straight Brazilian hair can make you look more clean, fresh, and cool. Many women want not to straighten their Brazilian hair for fearing that would damage to the hair. If you want a straight hairstyle someday when you only have curl and waves, maybe you want to know if it is bad to straight Brazilian hair. Let’s talk about that now.

if it is bad to straighten brazilian hair


1. The background for straightening Brazilian hair 

2. Where you can straighten your Brazilian hair?

3. the advantages of straightening Brazilian hair at home 

4. The advantages of straightening Brazilian hair in a barbershop

5. The disadvantages straighten Brazilian hair at home 

6. The disadvantages of straightening Brazilian hair in a barbershop

7. the tips of straightening Brazilian hair at home 

8. the tips of straightening Brazilian hair in a barbershop

The background for straightening Brazilian hair 

As we all know, Brazilian hair is the best quality human hair in the market, It possesses a variety of shades from light brown to black with high density, and it is suitable for restyling that can be straight, dye and perm. So it is worth to buy definitely.

Is it bad to straighten Brazilian hair? The truth is you can wear clean and cool Brazilian hair without damaging the hair as you tread the Brazilian hair in the right ways. 

You could straighten your Brazilian hair certainly if your Brazilian hair is real virgin Brazilian hair weave, but it would shorten the lasting time of Brazilian hair when you straighten it in the wrong ways. Now we will talk about what you should to gotta watching when you straighten your Brazilian hair. 

brazilian hair

Where you can straighten your Brazilian hair?

1. You can straighten your Brazilian hair at home. 

After washing and drying, you should spray human hair heat-protective spray for protecting your Brazilian hair from dry and frazzled. And then you can divide your Brazilian hair into several layers, and straighten them with a heated straightening iron or a hairdryer with a nozzle attachment which prevents your Brazilian hair from frizzing. 

If it takes you a long time to straighten your Brazilian hair, you could buy a good dry shampoo so that your Brazilian hair can stay straight for as fast as possible.

2. You can straighten Brazilian hair in the barbershop.

You needn’t do any preparation when you decide on straightening your Brazilian hair in a barbershop, except bringing your Brazilian hair to the barbershop, and told the worker you want to straighten your Brazilian hair. They would spray the heat-protective spray to protect it. After using strong chemical composition and straightening, your Brazilian hair would look light shiny, and touch silky and soft. 

virgin brazilian hair

 Advantages of straightening Brazilian hair at home

• Money-saving. It is Money-saving to get a new hairstyle.

• It will bring less damage to Brazilian hair.

• You can do it in anytime as you want to do it.

• There is a little harmful chemical component to affect the keratin of the Brazilian hair, so the hair can hardly suffer a fundamental injury.

• There are few harmful chemicals that can harm your body.

Advantages of straightening Brazilian hair in a barbershop 

• The straighten workers are professional. Almost the hair straighten workers are trained in a salon, so they can deal with your Brazilian hair professional. 

• You can enjoy the time when preparing the tools, heating, or straightening.

• It would not delay when you have an urgent need.

• It usually can last a long time, 5--6 months.

Disadvantages of straightening Brazilian hair at home

• It can last for a short time, maybe just several days, and it will reinstate if you wash it or it will very slowly start losing shape over a week.

• You need to prepare heat-protective spray and heated straightening iron or hairdryer with a nozzle attachment. 

• It takes you more time to prepare and straighten Brazilian hair.

• It at risk to burn you.

Disadvantages of straightening Brazilian hair in a barbershop 

• There are several chemical components, maybe destroying its keratin, and causes irreversible damage to the Brazilian hair.

• It needs a higher budget.

•strong chemical composition contains formaldehyde and other substances that are harmful to our body usually.

Brazilian hair weave

Tips of straightening Brazilian hair at home 

• Don't use a high wattage setting on your iron for avoiding drying your Brazilian hair.

• Consider using some human hair heat-protective spray when you use a flat iron. It doesn't have to be very expensive, however, it is kindly of your Brazilian hair.

• Don’t straighten your Brazilian hair when it is wet. It would damage your Brazilian hair and even you would see smoke from the Brazilian Hair, it would dangerous for your Brazilian hair and you.

Tips of straightening Brazilian hair in a barbershop 

• You have better look for the reputable barbershop, and they have better hair products and technology to protect Brazilian hair from damage.

• Your Brazilian hair is the real virgin Brazilian human hair.

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If you still have some questions or tips about Brazilian hair, you can ask or share it with us in the comments section, We will take it seriously on the next blog.