Hair weave is the most common way to increase your hair length and volume. It can beautify your natural hair easily. But what is hair weave? Why hair weave is so popular? How to wear hair weave? Read on, please.

how to wear hair weave


What is hair weave

Why hair weave is so popular

How to wear hair weave

What is hair weave

Hair weave refers to the way that the weft of the human hair or synthetic hair is sewn-in, taped-in, or clipped-in the person's Hair. Hair weave is different from covering the Hair like a wig, which is woven directly into your hair to and beautify your hair.

hair weave

Why hair weave is so popular

1. Hair weave will not hinder the Hair growth, so when you find that no matter how to grow your hair is not long, or you are going through Hair loss of torture, or in the salon, you get a bad haircut, or do you just cut long Hair, need to spend some time to get rid of the ugly Hair growth stage, don’t be depressed, As you patiently wait for your hair to grow, hair weave is the best choice. Hair Weave can quietly increase the length and volume of your Hair. Let you safely and comfortably through the hair embarrassment period.

2. Have you ever wanted to try out different colors of hair, but worried about looking bad? Or are you afraid it might damage your real hair? This is when hair weave will make the process easier and easier -- you can try different colors and different trends. In the meantime, you don't have to worry about doing any damage to your hair, otherwise, if you don't like the colors and hairstyle, you can simply remove them from your hair. It won't do any harm to your hair or image.

3. How hard to notice you have to wear a hair weave. If you've always wanted your real hair to be luxurious and fluffy, or you want to increase the length and volume of your hair while maintaining the natural look, and always looking for that extra amount of Hair, hair weave can help you make your dream come true -- just a few strands are all you need to have great Hair. The whole process is convenient, time-saving, and unobtrusive. How perfect!

4. Hair weave can make any hairstyle look prettier and more fun in an instant. Any simple braid, bun, or ponytail can easily become fuller and more complex as the length, curl, and color of your hair increases. You can even accessorize your hair by turning it into a braid with a bunch of hair. You don't need to use the whole style to plump up your hair; Using just a few wefts may be enough to increase the length and volume of your dreams.

5. Hair weave is a great way to spice up your look at weddings, graduation ceremonies, the company's annual party -- any special occasion! Get that fluffy curl you dreamed of for your wedding or that long, sweet curl you've been looking for at your graduation ceremony. With a delicate fishbone braid on your annual straight hair by human hair bundles, and hair weave can help you achieve all the hairstyles you've been dreaming of.

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How to wear hair weave

1. Sew-inSew-in technique consists of adding human hair to the weft with thread. Sew-ins can perfectly hide the trace of hair weave, and it can make a hair weave look like it grew out of your head. But before you do that, first you need to have a good sew-in foundation. Because hair Weave should not be overstretched, it will show signs of sewing, and it should not leave out the strands that are supposed to be sewn into your hair, as this will make hair weave look like it's floating in your hair. If there is no foundation, please go to a special hair salon. Perfect sewing will make you have a perfect hairstyle. What’s more, the best thing about sew-in hair weaves is that they never do any harm to your hair. Unlike other techniques, like duct tape and adhesives, they can do some damage to your head and your scalp.

2. Tape-in: Tape-in is a type of hair weave technique that uses tape or a solution to glue hair weave to the scalp. The Hair weave tape is arranged along the weft of the Hair and applied directly to the scalp. Because human hair weave themselves are glued together and then worn over the scalp, they are also known as pre-glued hair weave technology, which is for people who want to increase some volume to their real hair, but don't want the intense sewing process. , This technique can normally last around 2 to 3 weeks, great care must be taken when removing the hair weave. Gluing in your hair is not recommended, it has the potential to cause extensive damage to your hair if not attached and removed with extreme care, and tape-in extensions must be done by a hair professional to ensure proper install and removal. Although there are some drawbacks to this technique, because of adhesives, the technology does not require much maintenance or technical infrastructure and the hair weaves are relatively easy to remove. Because the adhesive is sensitive, any oily product can dissolve adhesive.

3. Clip-in: Clip-in technique is the simplest option to implement hair weave into your hair. It needs you to install the long clips from back to front, then simply put your real hair into two pieces of human hair weave, last use a comb to ensure that the weft is not visible. You can install clips quickly and remove them immediately by yourselves, and it is very convenient, for you need not go to a professional salon which spends more money and time. The clips are generally made of strong and lightweight materials, so they don't put too much pressure on your hair or scalp. These hair weave technique can give you an incredibly natural look and easy Hands-on experience.

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That is all I want to introduce about human hair above, and if you know more about hair weave and have any tips about how to wear human hair weave, leave a comment below and share the goods!