The 6x6 closure is favored and worn by fashion women all over the world. The best 6x6 lace closure can help women solve the hair loss, alopecia, and baldness problems. They make women to acquire the full look hair, beautiful hairline, and natural-looking. But there still have a problem may cause women’s worries. The shedding of the 6x6 hair closure will cause big trouble. This blog aims to help women solve this problem, we will show some tips about how to prevent your 6x6 closure from shedding in this blog.

How to prevent your 6x6 closure from shedding


※ What does a 6x6 closure do

※ Why you need a 6x6 closure

※ How to prevent your 6x6 closure from shedding

What does a 6x6 closure do

A 6x6 lace front closure is a combination of the 6x6 lace closure with bundles and your natural head. It is usually used to close off an installation.

The 6x6 closure is made of a lace closure and 100% virgin human hair. The lace closure size is 6 inches by 6 inches, with the high ability of elasticity and tensile strength, it also has a strong breathability. The 100% virgin human hair is knotted in to the lace hole by hand. These two materials constitute the high-quality 6x6 human hair lace closure. Here is a picture showing the construction of the best 6x6 lace closures.

6x6 closure

Why you need a 6x6 closure

After understanding the 6x6 lace closure, we will start the topic of the reasons you need a 6x6 closure.

* Changing a beautiful looking

We have to say, the 6x6 lace closure with bundles sew in 6x6 closure wigs will help women change a beautiful looking. Women with hair problems prefer to wear a 6x6 closure wig to cover their hair problem, the changing new looking will make them more confidence. This function also exists in the 5x5 closure, and 13x6 lace frontal. You can both gain a new looking with both of these lace closures with human hair bundles.

13x6 lace frontal


* Long service time and versatile hairstyles

Have you feel monotonous with the changeless hairstyles? Do you want to comb the different hairstyles as you prefer? The 6x6 lace closure wigs can meet your requirements.

With the natural hairline and entire sewing, the 6x6 human hair lace closure wig can be combed to side part, middle part, and any hairstyles you like. The versatile hairstyles will make you sometimes lively and sometimes quiet, you will enjoy every day with the 6x6 closure wig.

The most important, the 6x6 closure wig will bring you a long service time. Make your money spend more valuable.

* High-performance cost ratio

The 6x6 lace closure wig sewed by the best 6x6 lace closure with bundles will much cheaper for you to buy. If compare with buying the finished human hair wigs directly from the hair vendor. 

6x6 lace closure with bundles

How to prevent your 6x6 closure from shedding

It is a truth that the 6x6 lace closure free part will bring you a natural-looking, if you don’t speak it out, nobody will recognize you are wearing a 6x6 top lace closure. The 6x6 hair closure is just as growing from your scalp. But if the closure is shedding, then it will easily recognize you are wearing the 6x6 lace closure sew in with bundles. The how to prevent the 6x6 closure from shedding has become an important problem.

* Checking and washing your 6x6 weave closure after you received

Many women are in the wrong region, they think they do not need to wash the new hair. Actually, it is very important to wash the new hair for the first time you received.

Checking the 6x6 closure when you pick it out from the package. You should make sure the 6x6 lace closure you received is high quality, without the shedding and other problems.

Then washing the new 6x6 lace closure. The new hair is usually sprayed with the caring essential oils when it is shipped from the factory. Washing it clean is helpful for keeping the best 6x6 lace closure free part clean, clean will help preventing the 6x6 top lace closure shedding.

how to wash 6x6 closure

* Combing your 6x6 lace closure with bundles sew in from tip

It is very important to comb your 6x6 lace closure sew in with bundles from tip. Gently comb the hair from tip, because combing from the hair root may cause the hair shedding. So it is better to comb smooth your hair tip, then gently comb your hair root.

If you have the long 6x6 hair closure, you’d better divide the hair into three parts when combing. First the tip, then middle, then hair root.

* Don’t use the hair spray on your 6x6 weave closure

The 6x6 lace closure with bundles is not your own hair, it can’t be treated with the hair spray. Although you may think the hair spray will help the hairstyle better, but for the 6x6 lace front closure, it is a bad thing. Using the hair spray will cause hair shedding. So, please be careful with the hair spray.

6x6 lace closure

* Pay more attention to the daily care

Daily care is also very important to protect your 6x6 lace closure. You should cover your 6x6 hair closure sew in with human hair bundles with a silk base cap at night when sleeping. This will prevent the hair friction, make you 6x6 weave closure more healthy. And you should also take off your 6x6 closure wig sewed by 6x6 lace closure with bundles to have a thorough cleaning and caring every once a week. Keep your best 6x6 lace closures clean will help preventing the 6x6 hair closure from shedding.

After reading this blog, do you have an idea of how to prevent the 6x6 closure from shedding? Dsoarhair as a 100% professional human hair supplier, we would like to help you solve any of your problems about the 6x6 closure.