As we all know, many people enjoy long curly hair, but don’t know how to maintain the curls, And, it is very easy to care for your curly weave as long as you using right products and proper shampooing techniques. Otherwise, your curls will like a puffy mess. Here’s how to wash a curly weave to extend its life.

1. Wash curly hair weave in a shower where it can hang loosely.

2. Use some salon-quality shampoo to your hair.

3. Apply some amount of the shampoo into your hands.

4. Massage the shampoo into the weave.

5. Do not wash along bonding area.

6. Use cool or warm water to rinse the weave.

7. Gently squeeze water from the hair.

8. Apply a dime-sized amount of quality conditioner into hand, and then massage it into your hair.

9. Let the conditioner sit in your hair for at least 1 minute.

10. Use cool or warm water to rinse the conditioner from the hair.

11. Gently wring water from the hair.

12. Leave the shower.

13. Towel-dry your curly hair.

14. Apply a leave-in conditioner into the hair.

15. Massage it into the curls with your fingers.

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