Installing and removing the human hair dreadlock extensions is a skillful job. For someone who doesn’t have an understanding of how to install and remove the permanent dreadlock extensions, they may need to ask for professional people to help. Actually, no matter you want to do the dreadlock extensions installation by yourself or ask for other's help, you should better have an understanding of how to do it. This blog will show the steps on how to install and remove the locks with extensions.

How to install and remove dreadlock extensions


※ How to install the dreadlock extensions 100 human hair?

※ How to remove the dreadlock extensions?

First, we will talk about how to install the dreadlock with extensions.

How to install the dreadlock extensions?

The dreadlock extensions installation job should be started from the natural hair end, not from the natural hair root. This is different from the human hair weave and the human hair wigs for black women. This is because if you install the dreadlock extensions human hair from the natural hair root, it is just close to the scalp, will make you feel the prick, and also not good to create a good hairstyle. So the best method is installing the dreadlock extensions hair at the hair end. Now, we will introduce how to install the permanent dreadlock extensions by step and step.

dreadlock extensions

Step one, style your own natural dreads well, make your natural dreads clean and part well, make your natural dreads hang down.

Step two, at this step, you need a tool called crochet hook. At one head of the human hair dreadlock extensions, there is an annulus for you to connect your natural hair and the dreadlock extensions hair. Take the end of your natural hair, rip it into the annulus of the dreadlock hair extensions, then roll up your natural hair ends after it ripping into the annulus. Then using the crochet hook to weave the dreads extensions real hair and your natural hair together. You should use the needle of the crochet hook, insert the overlapping parts that caused by your natural hair dreads, and your hair ends that ripping into the annulus, weaving these two parts into one dreads. This part needs your skilled technique to make it look natural.

Step three, after weaving the dreadlock extensions for sale and your natural hair together, you should use your hands and the crochet hook to style. Some dreadlock extensions real hair suppliers will send the free hair buckles and the wooden beads to decorate the real dreadlock extensions. If you feel the joint part is unnatural, you can wear them to reinforce the installation or decorate the beauty of your permanent dreadlock extensions.

permanent dreadlock extensions

If you feel these words are not enough for you to have a better understanding of how to install your dreadlock extensions 100 human hair, the following video shows the dreadlock extensions installation steps in detail for your reference.

After introducing how to install the dreadlock extensions human hair for sale, we will state how to remove the real dreadlock extensions step by step in the next article.

How to remove the dreadlock extensions?

In the general circumstances, the dreadlock extensions styles needn’t any special caring procedures, you just keep regular clean it can serve you a long time until you don’t want them. When you want to remove your dreadlock extensions for guys, you should prepare a spray bottle containing water or humidifying spray, a rat-tail comb, and a scissor.

Step one, you should find the connection point of the human hair dreadlock extensions and your natural hair then cut the connection point with the scissor.

Step two, wet the hair ends with the water spray bottle, then loose and disperse the hair ends with a rat-tail comb.

Step three, disperse your dreads with your hand gently, pick off the left hair for dreadlock extensions in your natural hair. There may be a few break hair during the process, you needn’t worry about it. Most of them are caused during you wearing the human hair dreadlock extensions.

Step four, wash your natural hair, and make it air dry, avoid using the high-power hair dryer since it may damage your frail hair.

human hair dreadlock extensions

Identical, the following is a video showing how to remove the permanent dreadlock extensions in detail for your reference.

After reading this blog, do you understand how to install and remove the human hair dreadlock extensions? Welcome to Dsoarhair Mall to buy the best quality permanent dreadlock extensions.