When you're looking for the perfect hair weave, you might be confused about the type of hair. What is the best hair weave? Read on!

how to buy the best hair weave


1. What is Remy hair

2. What is virgin hair

3. What is 100% human hair

4. How to distinguish virgin hair

5. Where to buy the real Remy human hair

6. common characteristic of the Remy hair, virgin hair, and 100% human hair

When you buy hair weave, the sign words of high-quality hair weave include Remy hair, Virgin hair, and 100% human hair.

What is Remy hair

Remy hair comes from a donor and keeps the cuticle of the hair in the same direction.

Remy hair is considered the highest quality hair. Remy hair is 100% virgin human hair. When human hair sellers collect and choose human hair, they keep the original cuticle of the same donor's hair, cut it off naturally, and then collect the same donor's hair in a tail-end sequence, not mixing it with other donors. Even in the course of work, the original root to tip sequence is maintained very well.

That means the Remy hair is 100% raw virgin human hair with the original cuticle and the original root to the end of the hair to reduce shedding and tangle during wearing. We believe that no one likes their human hair weave shedding and tangle, but if human hair weave designed for black women is made of 100% Remy human hair, we believe that the Remy hair weave will make your satisfying, and you can tread the Remy hair weave as your natural hair. If it's curly, you can straighten it out.

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What is virgin hair?

Virgin hair is another good word to know when choosing Hair Weave. It refers to hair that has not been chemically treated, including chemically straightened or curled, bleached, and dyed. Also, it is known as pure virgin hair, which must be 100% pure.

If the hair is truly virgin hair, the curls will show in the shower.

This human hair is from a single donor, so every hair weave you buy should come from the same donor (the donor could be an Indian, Malaysian, Brazilian, Peruvian, etc.).It's not exposed to any irritants, and the skin is still intact, moving in the same direction. If these things are not so, it is not the hair of a true virgin human hair.

What is 100 human hair?

100% human hair is human hair with no mix of animals or chemicals, but don't make sure the ends are pointing in the right direction. Human hair contains both Remy and non-Remy hair, so Remy hair is the best human hair that is usually collected from the hair that is scattered on the floor, the ends of the hair, and in different directions at the top of the hair, so the products are more likely to become tangled. Of course, non-Remy hair is much cheaper.

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How to distinguish the human hair is virgin human hair

1.Chemical inspection. Make sure there are no chemicals left in your hair. If it is truly virgin hair, it should be free of any chemicals. You can take a smell test to see if you can smell anything from perming or relaxing. Alternatively, apply a small amount of neutralizing shampoo to your hair and massage. If the hair weave is discolored, it has been chemically treated.

2.Cuticle examination.100% virgin human hair should have a cuticle. If not, the cuticle is removed, usually by pickling. You can check for cuticles by running your finger down the length of your hair, and the hair should be felt smooth and sliding down, but when you experience some resistance, the hair maybe not 100% virgin human hair.

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Where to buy the real Remy human hair

There are many Remy human hair vendors in the market, the most important thing is finding a reliable human hair vendor who can supply reliable quality Remy virgin hair to you. Dsoarhair Mall is just a reliable Remy human hair bundles vendor, all Remy hair from Dsoarhair is 9A grade quality, minimum shedding, and no tangle, smooth and soft for your wearing. Different Remy hair groups and Remy hairstyles can meet all of your different demands.

All Dsoar hair is 100% Remy virgin hair, and Dsoar hair offers a variety of options from human hair, dreadlock extension, frontal and closure, hair extensions, and wigs. Also, 8-30 inch natural hair with wholesale price, 15 days return and exchange policy, order here! Free Gifts, good quality, no shedding, no knots, save a lot of money!

The common characteristic of the Remy hair, virgin hair, and 100% human hair

1. All of this hair weave has a natural life cycle and structure, but a bit of shedding and a bit of knotting when you wear it is normal, just like your own natural hair, it can't always remain perfect. But as long as you take care of your human hair weave properly, generally, there is very little of those, and the hair generally can last about a year

2. The human hair weave has a curly, wavy, or straight texture.

3. It's not normal for real virgin human hair to have a few gray hairs in your hair bundles. I just pick them out from the hair weaves.

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That is all I want to introduce about how to buy the best hair weave, and any better suggest you have on the topics human hair weave, wigs and closure and frontal, let me know in the comments section.