Women's human hair wigs are the most noticeable parts of beauty, beautiful human hair wigs style with proper washing can enhance a wig lover’s image.

Since the cost of human hair wigs is usually not cheap, so the washing has become very important for maintaining. Many women asked how often should they wash human hair lace front wigs, this blog will show this answer to you.

How often should you wash human hair wigs

Wigs for women are used widely, especially for those with hair loss, baldness, and bad hairline, etc. Wearing human hair wigs for black women is the easiest way to change their look and improve their confidence. No matter human hair lace front wigs or full lace human hair wigs, no matter your wigs are sewed by bundles with closure or human hair bundles, cheap human hair wigs have become the pronoun of beauty.

When it comes to washing 100 human hair wigs, there isn’t a fixed washing period, because you have to consider many factors to consider when deciding how often you should wash your real human hair wigs.

When discussing the factors we should consider, let’s see the common situation first.

※ Common situation

Under normal conditions, cheap human hair wigs need to be washed about every 6-8 weeks( about 7-10 times wearing).

Human hair wigs for women can’t be washed as often as our own hair, because cheap human hair wigs do not absorb the oil from our own scalp. But you also can’t ignore washing your human hair lace wigs because the wigs will lose luster and look dirty, even appear bad smell, this will influence your appearance and the lifespan of the best human hair wigs.

But as we mentioned above, this common situation not suitable for every wig wearer, there are some factors you should consider when you deciding the time you should wash your real human hair wigs.

※ Live environment

The environment is the biggest factor should be considered. Its’ influence just like the weather. We will sweat in hot summer, wet sweat sticking the hair will make us feel uncomfortable, it will also damage our hair. So washing your hair in summer should be frequent than that in winter.

This also applies to wash the best human hair wigs. If you live in a moist environment, no matter your wear black color human hair wigs or colored human hair wigs, your wigs will become wet, then you should wash your human hair lace front wigs for black women more often than people live in a dry environment.

Identical, affordable human hair wigs should be washed more often in summer than that in winter. Because you will sweat more in summer.

If you live in a dirty or dusty environment, then you should wash your cheap human hair wigs often than people live in a clean environment.

※ Hair products used

Some women like to use many hair products on human hair wigs, such as hair used essential oil, hair care solution, etc. Daily care is important, but the more hair products you used on your wigs, faster your wigs will become dirty. That means you should wash your brazilian human hair wigs more often than the common situations.

But we want to remind you here, please be sure to use the proper and high-quality hair care products on your wigs, otherwise, bad hair products may damages your hair.

※ Hair texture

There are many human hair wigs for sale, more and more popular hair textures appeared, short human hair wigs, curly human hair wigs, human hair bob wigs, human hair wigs with bangs, colored human hair wigs, short human hair wigs for black women, human hair curly lace front wigs, lace front bob wig human hair, long human hair wigs, ombre human hair wigs, short curly human hair wigs, blonde human hair wigs etc. When you choosing the most natural looking human hair wigs, do you know the 100 human hair textures will influence the washing wigs time?

human hair wigs

Straight human hair wigs and short bob human hair wigs need to be washed often than curly human hair wigs because the straight human hair wigs will easily look dirty and tarnish than curly human hair wigs.

※ Amount of exercise

The amount of exercise is also an important factor need to be considered.

If you are a quiet woman, you don’t like to do exercise with your human hair wigs, then your wigs will keep clean for a long time, you needn’t wash it often.

But if you are an exercise lover, you like to do exercise with your best human hair wigs, then you have to wash your remy human hair wigs more often, because you sweat a lot when you exercise, wet sweating will make your hair dirty, so you have to wash it often to keep women's human hair wigs clean.

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Some tips on washing your cheap human hair wigs:

1, Don’t over washing

Washing your real virgin human hair wigs properly, over washing will cause human hair wigs dry and fragile.

2, Use high-quality shampoo and hair conditioner

The cost of best human hair wigs are not cheap, so you should use the high-quality shampoo and hair conditioner, in order to protect your wigs for women and keep the long service time.

3, Washing your human hair wigs with the proper method

Proper washing method can maintain your wigs well, but wrong washing method may damage your wigs too. So washing your human hair wigs is very important for taking care of your best human hair wigs.

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Beautiful human hair wigs will make your beautiful life. Do you know how often should you wash your human hair wigs? Welcome to Dsoarhair share your experience and suggestions.