What is mink hair? Is it the hair of mink or real human hair? How about Dsoarhair? Does the Dsoarhair shop have mink hair? Does Dsoarhair human hair shed? Here's a guide to what is mink hair, and everything about Dsoarhair you want to know.

 FAQ About Mink Hair And Dsoarhair


※ What is mink hair

※ Does the Dsoarhair shop sell mink hair?

※ How is human hair collected?

※ How is your human hair pattern created? 

※ Does Dsoarhair human hair shed?

※ Does Dsoarhair have coupons now?

※ May you send us a sample of your human hair so we can begin doing business together?

1. What is mink hair

Mink hair is not mean the real hair of mink, that means the human hair is thick, glossy, and in tiptop condition, like the mink hair, and it is the best quality virgin hair, that is in its natural state. no chemical changes, no color, has not been processed, and all cuticles are intact, and it is untangled and out of a knot.

human hair

2. Does the Dsoarhair shop sell mink hair?

Dsoarhair, as a professional human hair company, offers all kinds of quality human hair, human hair weave, Remy hair, virgin hair, hair bundles and closure, hair bundles and frontal, and human hair wigs. All human hair sold by Dsoarhair is virgin hair.

Quite frankly, mink hair is 100% best quality virgin hair. The cuticles of Dsoarhair hair products are aligned in the same direction, which means Dsoar human hair can easy to restyle, including dry, straighten, and perm human hair.

If the cuticle of the hair has disappeared, that means the human hair has been Bleached and dyed, which is more fragile than a human hair. Or it is synthetic hair rather than a real human hair.

If the cuticle is not aligned in the same direction, that means you have bought non-Remy hair, which is relatively cheap but tends to go out messily than a human hair.

3. How is human hair collected?

There are many hair material markets in India, Brazilian, Peruvian, and Malaysian. The professional human hair material technicians from Dsoarhair and they go to the original human hair materials market every day to find high-quality original human hair materials. This is the main source of Dsoarhair virgin hair materials., that is the best way to keep the human hair come from one donor, and ensure Dsoarhair human hair quality and safety.

virgin hair

4. How is your human hair pattern created? 

※ If the collected raw human hair materials mixed with several white hair and other sundries, special personnel shall be arranged to pick them up, and then the head and tail of the human hair shall be cleaned by a machine, and then comb it smooth.

※ The original hair looks a bit clumpy, we have to wash the human hair first. After we wash human hair with human hair professional shampoo and conditioner, it will become smooth and shiny.

※ Break up the human hair, comb the human hair into small pieces, divide the hair into ends, align the top of the hair, the qualified products should be evenly and aligned, divide the human hair into standard weight, trim the tail into standard inches.

※ The next step is to use a machine to make hair weft. The single-piece hair weave is divided into two sides, the pros and cons should be smooth and beautiful, the pros and cons should be aligned to synthesize the edge, then comb the human hair weave that closes good piece smooth, float hair combs off, and then cut human hair weave into the gram that formulates unified

※ After high-temperature disinfection, cleaning, and drying, the human hair is ready for hair styling.(If it's a hair closure or human hair frontal hand knitting department.)

※ The final step is human hair styling. The main process is steam treatment. According to customer needs, Dsoarhair makes the shape that satisfied the customer expects. Dsoarhair has many years of experienced stylists to ensure that customers are satisfied with their hair quality and hairstyle.

Step 1.Rubber is used to secure the human hair to the pipe, which is customized according to the different curvature of the model.

Step 2. The hair attached to the pipe will be transferred to a steam room for 12 hours. The steam chamber must be kept above 100 temperatures.

Step 3.As it cools, straight hair becomes a curly wave, body wave, deep wave, loose deep wave, etc.

Remy hair

5. Does Dsoarhair human hair shed?

Minimally, no human hair is perfect, even our natural hair in its tiptop condition. We have reinforced machine weft, to minimize shedding to nearly none. You may see a few strands here or there while detangling or styling, but nothing troubling or excessive. 

6. Does Dsoarhair have coupons now?

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7. May you send us a sample of your human hair so we can begin doing business together?

For human Hair samples, I highly recommend virgin human hair and Remy hair. I do suggest that you can purchase one bundle to test the hair quality. And we cannot offer a free sample. Please understand.