Back to school jitters? Not with me by your side helping you get back-to-school ready! Apart from the back to school makeup looks that you’re probably thinking about right now, your hairstyle is also instrumental in pulling off any look! I have the best and simplest back to school hairstyles for you today. These hairstyles will get you glammed up. Ready? Let’s do this!

Easy Back To School Hairstyles


  1. Back to School Hair Inspiration
  2. Dsoar Back to School Shopping Season
  3. Girly Space Bun Updo
  4. Easy Sock Bun
  5. Half Up Top Knot Hairstyle
  6. Braided Back To School Hairstyles
  7. Big Curly Hair
  8. Braided Pigtails
  9. Easy Bubble Ponytail
  10. Dutch Braid Space Buns

Back to School Hair Inspiration

Every stylish girl has her sources of inspiration. Scroll through these amazing braids for school, updos, and half-updos to feel the endless possibilities of hair experiments and to save a couple of ideas for the nearest future! To get your new hair style, please come to dsoarhair to choose the human hair.

Dsoar Back to School Shopping Season

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Girly Space Bun Updo

Why mess with a trendy back-to-school classic like space buns? The best part is it looks a lot more difficult than it is. Work this classic for bold-braid Wednesday by parting your hair into two ponytail sections at the top of your head, very loosely braiding them and wrapping them into a Princess Leia look.

Easy Sock Bun

By now you’ve seen tons of sock bun tutorials, but this look is so easy to pull off and, when paired with a peter pan blouse and jeans, helps you look effortlessly polished. So how do you it? Get a sock and cut off the end. Rotate it until you make a doughnut shape. Tie the hair into a high ponytail and then insert the pony in the sock. Position sock near the hair ends and start rolling down while tucking hair in until you reach the end. Yup, it’s that easy!

human hair

Half Up Top Knot Hairstyle

We gotta give it up to one of the hairstyles that always makes us look like we at least tried to do something with our hair. I love the way this hairstyle looks on women – especially if you dress bohemian/rocker chic.

How do you pull off this look? Simple. Section your hair into two — half up and half down. Take the half up section and create a bun. You can go messy on this one and if you do, I suggest you tease the half down section a bit and also leave some strands of hair in the front for a more unkempt look.

Braided Back To School Hairstyles

Braids are having a big moment in hair right now – they’re romantic, versatile, and can be used to create so many different looks! If you’re into braids, you’ll love this hairstyle tutorial. We create 4 different back-to-school looks and my fave is this rose braid! I love that it’s so easy to do too! You just take two strands of hair on both sides, braid them, and then tie the two braids together. Next, take the two braids and create a bun and it will magically turn into a rose!

briad hair

Big Curly Hair

This tutorial is dedicated to all every beautiful woman out there who has natural big curly hair. For some, it’s a curse as this type of hair can be very hard to manage and maintain. But I say, embrace it girl! Your hair is a rare gem. You just need to learn how to style it and you’ll be rockin’ the casbah all day every day! Truth is, you just need to use the right styling products and then dry your hair to get this big curly style! No wigs needed!

curly hair

Braided Pigtails

I can’t forget my go-to hairstyle in school especially on those days when I can only do my hair while on the way to school–braided pigtails! They’re so easy to do, just make two braided pigtails. But recently, I learned that braided pigtails look better if your hair is curled a bit and if you loosen up the braid afterward.

Easy Bubble Ponytail

This retro look is playful and perfect for Fridays. Tease the hair of your ponytail for volume and thickness, then use elastic bands, make a “bubble” look by creating sections and pulling hair slightly out of each chunk. These easy back to school updos require a lot of hairspray but not a lot of effort.

Dutch Braid Space Buns

Mixing dutch braids with space buns is combining the two trendiest hairstyles we’ve seen in a long time. Liven up your Wednesday school day with this look. Don’t be shy! But be prepared to practice this one at home before schooltime.

kinky curly hair

While summer break was fun, it’s time to get down to business and by business, I mean studying in style! There’s really no harm in going to school looking good from head to toe, from your hairstyle to your shoes. I think it’s always a great idea to feel good about yourself and present yourself the best way possible. Of course, it’s not every day that you’d want to look put-together and that’s okay! But on those days that you do, you can try these back to school hairstyles to keep your beauty game on point!


What’s your favorite back to school hairstyle from this list? Please let us know in the comments section below!