The golden May is coming, May is a beautiful time. Because in May, Mother’s Day is also coming soon. Maybe you are a filial child, or maybe you are also a mother, or maybe you are a husband, you have a beautiful and efficient wife at home. No matter what identities you are, do you want to buy a fashion and unique present for your self, for your wife, or for your mother? Then the 100% human hair from Dsoarhair will be the right choice for you.

Dsoarhair Mother’s Day big sale for 100 human hair


※ Detail information about Dsoarhair Mother’s Day activity

※ Dsoarhair popular human hair for celebrating Mother’s Day

※ Why you should buy human hair from Dsoarhair for Mother’s Day

Detail information about Dsoarhair Mother’s Day activity

In order to celebrate the Mother’s Day, also in order to show the respect to all Mother, Dsoarhair launches a big discount activity, hope you can get your glad kinds of human hair during this activity. Below is the detail information about the Mother’s Day activity.

Detail information about Dsoarhair Mother’s Day activity

20% off over $129 with code H20

24% off over $229 with code H24

30% off over $339 with code H30

All orders will be shipped with free fast shipping, orders over $179 will be delivered with free eyelashes and nightcap.

Dsoarhai Mother's Day Super Sale

From this we can say, the more you buy, the cheaper the price will be. So, if you feel excited about this, please action as soon as possible.

Dsoarhair popular human hair for celebrating Mother’s Day

Now, we will introduce what you will get from Dsoarhair in detail. 

The types of human hair you can get from Dsoarhair

* The cheap human hair bundles

Dsoarhair human hair bundles are double wefted by double paratactic machines, this can make sure no shedding during your installation.

* The affordable human hair bundles with closure

Dsoarhair human hair bundles with closure have different combinations. Such as 3 bundles with closure, 3 bundles with frontal, 4 bundles with closure, 4 bundles with frontal, and 2 bundles with 360 lace frontal. All the human hair closure or human hair lace frontal is made of high-quality imported lace with the strong elasticity, the 4x4 transparent lace closure and 13x4 transparent lace frontal are also available in Dsoarhair.

* The 100% real human hair wigs

Dsoarhair 100% human hair wigs include the lace front human hair wig, human hair full lace wig, 360 lace wig, and transparent lace front wig. All human hair wigs from Dsoarhair are produced with the best materials, no shedding, no tangle, look full, and long lifespan.

The popular human hairstyles you can get from Dsoarhair

* The body wave human hair

The body wave weaves human hair has a big “S” shape around the hair, fashion, and politeness. Easy to install and easy to maintain. It can bear all kinds of styling as long as you use the right method. The body wave human hair is regarded as the kind of human hairstyle that will always be popular.

body wave human hair

* The natural wave hair

The Brazilian natural wave weave human hair has beautiful and unique natural curls around the hair. It shows a feeling of gentle and quiet, it is the best choice for women with attractive personalities. No one can withstand your temperament, you can also enjoy your unique beauty with the natural wave weave human hair.

natural wave hair

* The jerry curly human hair

The curly human hair is a kind of sexy style human hair. Many women like to wear curly human hair since it can bring people the special personalities. The curly style can also make the hair look fuller, it will be a good choice for women who have a unique personality and want to have a full hairstyle.

curly human hair

* The straight human hair

Straight human hair is the original style of human hair, it has the advantages of smooth and easy to maintain. Many women like the long straight human hair since the long straight hair will give them the feeling of elegant when there is the wind.

straight human hair

* Other popular human hairstyles like kinky straight human hair, kinky curly human hair, loose wave human hair, deep wave human hair, loose deep wave human hair are also available at Dsoarhair. Welcome to enter into Dsoarhair Mall to see more kinds of 100% human hair.

Why you should buy human hair from Dsoarhair for Mother’s Day

Maybe you will ask, there are so many human hair vendors in the market, why I should buy human hair from Dsoarhair for Mother’s Day. In the next of this blog, we will tell you something you should know about Dsoarhair.

Dsoarhair Mall is a professional human hair supplier with the own factory, all hair from Dsoarhair is made of 100% virgin Remy human hair and high-quality imported lace closure. 9A grade hair, no shedding, no tangle, and no harmful chemicals added during producing. The hair can last about one year under your proper maintaining. All orders are shipped with free fast shipping, delivered with extra free gifts.

Do you want to buy the best body wave hair, natural wave hair, and transparent lace front wig? Welcome to Dsoarhair to buy your lovely 100% human hair.