Remy hair is the well know popular human hair weave because of the best quality and the most natural effects. More and more women talked about the Remy hair extensions, they both want to buy the best Remy human hair bundles at the cheap price. They also want to understand more knowledge about what is remy hair, and will remy hair tangle. This blog is written according to these topics.

Does Remy hair tangle

Remy human hair as one of the most highly welcomed human hair, the quality is the best. The quantity of shedding and tangle is much less than the original human hair. But that is not to say, Remy hair will never tangle, Remy hair is free tangle when you bought it from the hair vendor, if you properly use the virgin remy hair, it will also free tangle. But if you use the remy hair weave in a wring way, then it is can’t be promised that the 100 remy hair will tangle-free forever.

There are a few factors that will result in Remy human hair tangle, we will discuss them point by point.

The quality of the Remy hair

There is an old saying: You get what you pay. The quality of the Remy hair you bought is very important.

If you want to choose the best quality remy hair, then you should do some homework about remy human hair extensions before you buy. You should first know what is remy hair.

There are four types of remy hair, indian remy hair, brazilian remy hair, peruvian remy hair, and malaysian remy hair, these four types of remy hair can well explain where the remy hair weave is collected. No matter which type of remy human hair bundles is, 100 remy human hair was directly cut off from the donator. The human hair keeps the original cuticle and all hair strands sew in with the same direction. This ensures tangle-free of the remy virgin hair.

Regarding the remy hair quality, 7A, 8A, 9A, and 10A are the commonly used quality grade. 9A and 10A are the best quality in the market, of course, the price will be much higher than 7A and 8A grade remy hair.

But there are a few human hair vendors sell the low-grade remy hair replace the high-grade remy hair at a high price. So it is very important to select a reliable seller.

Remy hair

There are also some details you can adjust if your hair is the high-quality remy hair.

1, Touch feeling

The touch feeling of the quality remy hair is soft, gentle, and smooth. If you feel the human hair is stiffness and rough, then that human hair is not the one you should choose.

2, Luster

Virgin remy hair bundles have the natural luster through the entire hair body. If there is an exaggerated luster around the hair, then you should consult the human hair professional to see if this luster is natural. Some human hair vendors will coat the silicone to make their hair extra shiny, but it will take off quickly after worn, and become dry and tangle.

So make sure to buy the high-quality remy hair from a reliable seller is very important to keep the tangle-free human hair.

Washing Remy hair before wearing

Some women thought it isn’t essential to wash new human hair. This thought is wrong. Washing your new received remy hair before wearing is very important to avoid hair tangle.

Washing your new remy wet and wavy hair, smooth your hair with your finger or wide teeth comb, remove the bad and tangle human hair at their roots. Then add some moisturizer and essential oil to protect your remy hair, can keep the good hair condition for a long time, avoid the hair tangle effectively.

Best remy hair

Remy hair installation skills

We have to say your hairdresser is also playing an important role in keep the remy hair free tangle.

No matter you want to wear remy human hair wigs or bundles with closure sew in wigs, rude and unprofessional installation skills will result in hair tangle and shedding. So if you haven’t enough confidence in your installation skills, you’d better go to the professional hairdresser for help.

Methods of how to take care of Remy hair

Virgin remy hair is like our own hair, if without careful maintaining, the best remy hair will also tangle and shed. We should take care of our 100 remy hair to keep the remy hair with no tangle and long service time.

We all know virgin remy hair bundles can protect our own hair well. Real remy hair will suffer friction and environment damage instead of our natural hair, so the best remy hair needs our special care for. If we only use but no maintaining, remy human hair weave will become dry, tangle, and shedding. But the wrong methods of maintaining also will not help to keep the remy hair in good condition. So we suggest you should command some tips on how to take care of your remy hair in advance.

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