Human hair wigs are important accessories for women seeking to change their look. Wigs become more and more common nowadays, not only for women with hair loss but also for women looking to get their desired hairstyles and hair color no need to change and damage their own natural hair. So more and more people wondered if wearing human hair wigs can damage their own hair. This blog will tell you this answer and share some tips about how to protect your own hair when you wearing human hair wigs.

Do human hair wigs damage your hair

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※ Do human hair wigs damage your own natural hair

※ Some reasons of hair damage caused by human hair wigs

Do human hair wigs damage your own natural hair

There are two popular human hair wig styles for women: human hair lace front wigs and full lace human hair wigs. Both types of human hair wigs are not the cause of damage your own natural hair, this conclusion has been proved by many human hair lace wig lovers. They wear wigs very often, 100% virgin real human hair wigs have become their necessities, human hair wigs also bring them great confidence. Actually, we can imagine why they still wear them if wigs are harmful to people’s natural? Proof by facts that more and more people like wearing real human hair wigs, this is the best answer to this question.

Here is a video from one of our customers who enjoy her affordable human hair wigs with her traveling.

But at the same time, there is a risk of hair damage when wearing a wig. This depends on the application and maintenance of your hair when wearing the wig.

That is to say, wearing human hair wigs can damage your hair only if wigs are not installed by professional methods, or the wigs you choose are not suitable for your head. Then this situation occurs.

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This model in the picture is wearing Dsoarhair curly human hair wigs, how beautiful she is!

Different from human hair bundles and bundles with closure, many people think remy human hair wigs are an investment because of the price. The cost for the full lace human hair wigs with baby hair is so high. But the best human hair wigs are the indispensable necessities, so what are the reasons of hair damage caused by human hair wigs and how to avoid them are becoming more and more important.

Some reasons of hair damage caused by human hair wigs

1, Choose suitable human hair wigs cap size

The cap size of human hair wigs is very important. The standard cap size is 22-22.5 inch. If the cap size is too small for your head, your wig will wrap tightly around your head. Your own hair and scalp will suffer the great pressure from your wig. This will not only cause headache, but also bring your own hair and scalp more tension, no good to your hair growth. We can imagine if you wear a very tight human hair wig all day, how indisposed you will be.

It is lucky that Dsoarhair provides the best human hair wigs for sale with different cap size, except the standard cap size, small and large size of 21-21.5 inch and 22.75-23 inch also available, and the cap size can be customized to other inches according to customer’s requests.

2, Buy a wig cap

Buying another wig cap is important to protect your own hair, hairline, and scalp. Wig cap as a medium to connect human hair wigs and your own hair and scalp. It can well protect your scalp from the direct pressure of wearing wigs, avoid the direct friction with human hair wigs. But the material of the cap is also needed to be considered, any cotton materials should not be considered, because cotton materials will absorb the moisture from your hair and scalp, make your own hair dry. A nylon wig caps would be a good choice, it won’t suffocate your scalp.

3, What should do about your own hair before you wearing human hair wig

Make sure your own hair is around your head, or braid your hair and wrap it around your head to keep your own hair orderly around your head. And always make sure your own hair is completely dry before wearing your human hair wigs. There isn’t enough air and sunshine under wigs, if you can’t make your own hair dry, it will influence your hair growth, and cause the growth of bacteria.

4, Keep taking care of your own hair in daily life

* Scalp massage, usually massage your scalp to enhance the blood flow, this is good to your health.

* Taking care of human hair wigs regularly.

* Keep on washing and care your own hair.

5, Don’t wear your human hair wigs all the time

Many people want to know if they can sleep with human hair wigs on. But it will be good for your own hair if you can take off the wig at night. This can relax your own hair and scalp, let your scalp breath well. If your human hair wigs are too tight, sleeping with wigs will cause hair loss.

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After reading this blog, do you have a clear answer of if wearing human hair wigs can damage your own hair? If you have other questions about human hair wigs, please contact us directly, we would like to solve all of your problems.