If women want to extend or make their natural hair look fully, human hair weave would be the best choice for them. 

The human hair weave can be also called human hair bundles. All the remy hair is collected from donator with original cuticle, use double machine sewing wefts, ensure the highest quality.

There are many human hair weave styles, curly human hair weave, deep wave human hair weave, ombre human hair weave, jerry curl weave human hair, straight human hair bundles, natural wave bundles, body wave human hair, kinky curly human hair weave, etc. The variety of hairstyles makes the cheap human hair weave highly welcomed by women who want to be more beautiful.

When we said to beauty, on one side women rely on the best human hair weave, on the other side, they are afraid of human hair weave to sew in will damage their natural hair. This blog will analysis if wearing human hair weave will damage your hair.

Do human hair weave damage your hair

Actually, 100 human hair weave itself will not damage people’s natural hair, the only thing that will harm people’s hair is the wrong methods of using human hair weave bundles.

We will list some wrong methods that will damage natural hair, as long as you can avoid these tips, we trust you needn’t worry about the damage of wearing human hair weaves.

Quality of human hair weave

There is an old saying: You will get what you pay. This also applies to the remy human hair weave.

We all know, the function of human hair weave is extending or adding human hair by sewing directly on the hair braids. Except for this function, people can also make human hair wigs with human hair weave bundles with closure. No matter what purpose you bought the real human hair weave is, the quality of the brazilian human hair weave is very important.

Firstly, synthetic hair weave will not be recommended because of the quality, synthetic hair will make your hair shedding and tangle.

The best human hair weave for black women's hair is 100% remy hair. Remy human hair weave is the best quality, smooth and no harmful chemical elements will bring the most beautiful and natural appearance to women.

human hair weave

Washing human hair weave before sew in

Washing the best wet and wavy human hair weave is very important to keep your hair healthy.

Some people thought new human hair bundles are very clean, they needn’t wash them, this is a wrong thought. The human hair supplier will spray some moisturizers to keep the health condition of remy hair, you should wash the human hair weave bundles after receiving them to make it clean. On the other hand, you don’t know what was happened during transportation, washing new human hair weave will make it more clean and healthy for your wearing.

Good scalp and natural hair condition before sewing human hair weave

If your scalp is injured, we recommend you sew your human hair weave after your scalp is healthy.

Please make sure your scalp and hair are clean and healthy when sewing the best human hair weave.

Don’t braid natural hair too tight when sewing human hair weave

When you sewing the cheap human hair weave on your hair, you should firstly weave your hair into small and compact braids, lie flat on your head. But if your braids are too tight, your scalp will feel uncomfortable when sewing and the gravity caused after sewing human hair weave may fall off your natural hair.

So braid your hair not too tight nor too loose is very important to protect your hair.

Keep away from glue when installation human hair weave

Glue is a quick method of bonding human hair weave and your hair, compare with human hair weave sewing in, glue human hair weave can save much time for people. But in order to well protect your natural hair, you should keep away from glue when installation cheap human hair weave. If you use glue in a not professional way, your hair will be pulled off by glue. Going to a hairdresser is a good method for perfect installation and protecting your hair.

cheap human hair weave

Washing human hair weave regularly

Keep your human hair weave clean can not only enhance your beauty but also can protect your hair.

Washing your 100 human hair weave once a week, keep the good condition of the best wet and wavy human hair weave. Your scalp will be cleaned during this process, you can do s slight massage when washing.

Don’t wear the human hair weave too long time

The best human hair weave sew in should be taken off every 4-6 weeks. Your scalp needs breath and your natural hair needs relax. Wearing real human hair weave too long will cause hair loss.

The proper method of using human hair weave will not only make you more and more beautiful but also can protect your hair, because your natural hair under 100 human hair weave will avoid the friction and bad environment damage. As long as you can install and maintain the human hair weave in the proper way, you will get the amazing effects from wearing remy human hair weave.

Have you got a clear idea of how to protect your hair when wearing human hair weave? We would like to see your unique opinions in the below comment area.