Brazilian Natural Wave Hair is highly welcomed by women because of the character of Brazilian human hair and the hair texture of natural wave hair.

Brazilian human hair is light, silky and lustrous in texture, Brazilian natural wave virgin hair is beautiful and natural looking, it will makes women looking more beautiful and wonderful.

Women who love Brazilian natural wave hair both hope to keep the hair lasting beauty for a long time. So many women concerning how to care for the Brazilian natural wave hair. This is the topic this blog will show.

How To Care For Brazilian Natural Wave Hair

Topics of this blog:

1, Brazilian natural wave hair installation care tips

2, How to wash brazilian natural wave hair

3, How to dry your brazilian natural wave hair

4, How to style your brazilian natural wave hair

5, How to care for your brazilian natural wave hair when sleeping

6, Brazilian natural wave hair daily care methods

Actually, the procedure of hair care has begun at your step of installation.

Brazilian natural wave hair installation care tips

Ventilate the hair after you received it.

※ Comb your hair smooth with your finger or a wide tooth comb, ensure there isn’t tangle with your hair.

In order to balance the aesthetic and the durable, all the hair bundles from Dsoarhair were double wefts, you should keep the whole wefts when you sewing in. Pay more attention that the wefts can’t be cut, cut the wefts will cause the hair falling off.

※ You’d better go to your hairdresser for help if you haven’t enough confidence with your installation.

How to comb brazilian natural wave hair

How to wash brazilian natural wave hair

Prepare the moderate water( Not too hot or too cold), the wide tooth comb, the clean towel, the quality shampoo, conditioner, special hair care essential oil, etc.

※ Wash Brazilian natural wave hair step by step:

1, Wet your hair with the moderate water.

2, Dissolve the prepared quality shampoo into the warm water, then put your hair to the water to soak for a few minutes.

3, Seize your hair with your finger( Not your fingernail) gently, don’t too rude, you can also massage your scalp gently with your finger not your fingernail, give your head a relaxation.

4, Wipe your hair with conditioner to add moisture, then put the hair aside for a few minutes for absorbing.

5, Rinse clean your hair with clear water.

This is the detailed procedure of how to wash your Brazilian natural wave hair, then we will talk about how to dry your Brazilian natural wave weave.

How to dry your brazilian natural wave hair

After your hair washed, cover your wet hair with a clean towel, wipe off the water from your hair, pay attention it is wiped off not wring.

※ Electric hair drier is not suggested during hair dry.

※ Add some special hair care essential oil to your hair when your hair is wiped dry by the towel.

※ Comb your hair smoothly with a wide tooth comb.

※ Put your hair at a well-ventilated place for dry.

Here is a picture showing how to wash and how to dry your Brazilian natural wave hair.

How to wash brazilian natural wave hair

How to style your brazilian natural wave hair

All the human hair from Dsoarhair Mall are 100% unprocessed virgin Remy human hair, it can be curled, colored, bleached and restyled to other styles you like. But when you want to restyle the hair, please kindly ensure you use the right tools for restyling. We suggest going to your hairdresser for professional help, in order to avoid the damage.

※ During the daily time, keep the hair smooth with no tangle. When you combing your hair, you’d better divide your hair into three parts to comb, first the bottom, then the middle, last the top, this is specially important for long hair, this method can well avoid tangle and shedding.

This video is from one of Dsoarhair customer, she showed how to style 4 different hairstyles, how beautiful she is! 

How to care for your brazilian natural wave hair when sleeping

Cover your hair with a silk hat at night, please note not cover your hair with a cotton cap, because the cotton will absorb the oil and moisture from your hair, makes your hair become dry. Or you can also braid your hair into a loose pigtail.

Brazilian natural wave hair daily care methods

※ Be careful not to spray your wig with real hair gel and hair lacquers, which can make wigs sticky.

※ All our hair is 100% human hair, it can be dyed or bleached.

Kindly remind: please try a little piece before you dye the whole hair, and co-wash your hair with conditioner after you dye or bleach.

※ To avoid tangle, you can make a spray with a mix of water and conditioner (ratio 2:1), spray it to do moisturizing in daily life, more to the hair ends. It's special good for curly hair.

※ 100% human hair can be restyled anyhow as you want. The heat doesn’t exceed 150, and please moisturizing the hair at a time.

※ All the hair should be measured after stretched.

brazilian natural wave

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Are you ready to enjoy us this summer? Do you have other questions about how to care for brazilian natural wave hair? We’d love to see your comments below.