Do you know how to wash Brazilian hair? Or have you ever thought that Brazilian hair weave, Brazilian hair wigs also need to be washed? After buying Brazilian human hair and Brazilian wig, it is easy to overlook the necessity of cleaning. You should treat your Brazilian human hair as your natural hair. Of course, someone feels that I did something wrong, or think that my Brazilian hair would be damaged during washing. The truth is if the correct technique is used, and the correct product is used, the damage should not happen. So, if you have not washed your Brazilian wig yet, you should come here to learn how to wash your Brazilian hair or Brazilian wig at home.

how do you wash brazilian hair


※Why is it necessary to wash Brazilian hair

※The steps of washing Brazilian hair

※Notes of washing Brazilian hair

Why is it necessary to wash Brazilian hair

First of all, these Brazilian hairs are taken from others, not their own. There may be lice or dust on the hair, even if they have been sent to the hair factory for treatment. But there is no guarantee of how long it will be stored in the warehouse after processing, let alone the secondary pollution during the transnational express delivery. So, in any case, washing it would remove all foreign objects, which shouldn't appear on the Brazilian hair.

Secondly, washing your Brazilian hair would also help you see the real state of human hair. sometimes, when you open the package of Brazilian hair, your Brazilian hair looks so natural and shiny that you think you had bought the best grade Brazilian human hair. Once you wash it he'll show his true colors, the conditioner or chemical agent applied to the Brazilian hair would be washed off, and you would know if your Brazilian hair is the real virgin Brazilian hair. If the texture is very good after washing, you can say that it is worth it, so when you confirm that your Brazilian hair is OK, it will be more in line with your health requirements to wash your hair before wearing it.

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The steps of washing Brazilian hair

1. First, use a wide-tooth comb from the root to the tip of the Brazilian hair. Gently comb the knotted hair. If the Brazilian hair is knotted and it is not easy to comb, you can spray it with water before combing it and then comb it patiently. Before you start washing Brazilian hair, be sure to clean up the fallen hair, otherwise, there will be a serious risk of knotting or even damage to the hair after washing.

2. Cleaning area: sink or washbasin. Fill it with warm water. If the water is too hot, it may damage Brazilian hair, however, if the water is too cold, it may not be cleaned, so the water should be slightly hot to remove all the dirt on the hair.

3. Soak: Soak Brazilian hair completely in water and let it sit for 10 to 15 minutes. You can turn your hair a bit to make sure that the water penetrates every part of the hair. This step helps to remove all the dirt from the hair

4. Wash your hair with a professional shampoo for Brazilian human hair. Be sure to use a brand that is gentle on Brazilian hair, which can wash thoroughly without damaging your Brazilian hair. Take an appropriate amount on your hand, rub it, and then start applying it to the Brazilian hair. Make sure you apply it to the entire Brazilian hair and massage it thoroughly. Make sure to wash your Brazilian hair clean, at the same time, apply minimal pressure to the hair. After washing, rinse thoroughly so that you can wash off all the shampoo from your hair. You can repeat the process if you want, but this is usually if you feel that your hair is not as clean as you want. If it’s a new Brazilian hair, you don’t need to wash it several times.

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5. Next step is hair care: after washing the shampoo, you need hair care. Similarly, you need to choose products that are gentle on the hair but still give the hair the moisture it needs. So, before applying the conditioner to your hair, rub it with your palms. Be sure to massage thoroughly and completely cover all hair strands, and then use a comb to gently comb the hair from root to tip. Repeat this process until all the hair is smoothly combed, so you can comb it with your fingers.

6. Leave it for half an hour, then wash off all the conditioner on the Brazilian hair, and then you can decide to use a protective spray to keep the hair shiny. After spraying, you can apply hair care essential oil to your Brazilian hair so that it will fluffy and full when it dries. So, before you can gently apply it to your hair, take some oil and apply it to your hands. Again, just apply and comb as you did. Make your hair soaked in oil, you must use the right amount because too much oil is not good.

7. Keep curly hair smooth, dry, and out of direct sunlight.

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Notes of washing Brazilian hair

1. If you wash Brazilian human hair wigs, you should 

2. Brazilian lace wigs are so soft that they can be easily damaged by natural products. So you should be careful when cleaning the wig, and separate the lace and the human hair, clean the lace thoroughly, and then follow these steps to clean the wig.

3. You should clean your Brazilian hair at least 2-3 weeds a time, and 1 time a week is better. Because your sweat gets stuck in your human hair or lace of your Brazilian hair, and it can smell really bad.

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