Most people always complain the hair sheds, tangles and gets dry after a short time service.
But they may be very rude to their hair in the daily life before they complain. Now follow us to get the right care skills to extend the hair service time.

Tip 1. Try not to approach the heat due to the human hair material.

Tip 2. If you need a cut, you can ask a professional stylist to cut your hair.

Tip 3. It is advised to wash the wig every 1-2 months and also you can wash according to wear frequency.

Tip 4. Wash with cold water or warm water. Wash with ordinary shampoo in collocation with hair conditioner to use together.

Tip 5. Try not to blow dry with the hair dryer. Don’t rub the hair, and use the thick towel to suck the excess moisture from section to section, and then put it in a ventilated place to avoid sunburn.

Tip 6. Don’t comb the wig until it is completely dry.

Tip 7. Use wide toothed anti-static steel comb or iron comb to tease the hair. Plastic comb not advised.

Tip 8. For the curly hair, basically don’t use the comb. Use the hand to tidy up the volume roughly.

Tip 9.  If it tangles not easy to comb after a long-term use, don't pull it hard. It is advised to spray a non-oily solution and then slowly and carefully untie.

Tip 10. Be careful not to spray your wig with hair gel and hair lacquers, which can make wigs sticky.

Tip 11. When you use the non-oily solution, slightly spray before wearing thus to make the hair look soft and smooth, and free from static. This can keep the wig moist as what it looked like when bought back.

Tip 12. The wig can be tied up but can't set too high, otherwise the real hair of the below will run out.

Tip 13. As for the long hair, divide it into several segments and comb from the bottom to up patiently.

Tip 14. A small amount of hair shedding during wear is normal just as your own hair.

Tip 15. Put it in the original packaging when you don’t wear.