Do you have the curly hair you want to straighten? Damaged? Fizzy? Or Unmanageble hair? You need to get brazilian blowout and then your hair will be totally smooth and sexy. Now follow us to get the good skills.

Preparation tools

Brushes, combs, clips, professional anti-frizz conditioner, smooth solution and straighten balm and hair dryer, flat iron. 

Step 1 Deep clearance with professional shampoo 


Step 2 Section the hair in 4 parts with clips


Step 3 Make dosage of the solution


Step 4 Apply the solution with the brush.


Step 5 Blow dry the hair with the hair dryer.


Step 6 Flat iron the hair


Step 7 Wash out the solution


Step 8 Blow dry the hair with the round brush

All the whole procedure takes about 90 minitues and the effect can last about 4 months.The avarage cost is 250 to 600 dollars.

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