Malaysian virgin hair is one of the best quality hair extensions available.  It’s the extension of choice for women who like low-maintenance hair that looks authentic and retains this authenticity over time.So, do you know how to take care of Malaysian curly hair? Here are a few basic upkeep tips, keep scrolling down.

5 Basic Upkeep Tips For Malaysian Curly Hair

100% virgin Malaysian hair weave is thick,soft,silky and lustrous in texture,no smell,no shedding and tangle free. Virgin Malaysian curly hair weave is reported to have minimal shedding, but a normal amount of shedding for curly textures.Malaysian curly hair weave in a variety of different textures including: straight, wavy and curly. However, Malaysian curly hair is the most popular.Virgin Malaysian curly hair hold curls extremely well and blends very well.Because of its virgin curly hair texture, this hair requires lots of moisture and maintenance.

5 basic upkeep tips for malaysian curly hair

1.Never brush curly hair weave when it’s dry. Brush only when wet and only with a Denman brush or better still a wide tooth comb. You can use a large tooth comb when it’s dry but don’t comb it more than twice in a day – too much combing causes shedding and frizzing of your curly weave.

2.Don’t straighten the hair more than twice per month as this can damage the hair – ideally don’t straighten it at all as its human weave hair and will break with prolonged extreme heat. If you do straighten, use a low heat setting and never use a blow dryer.

3.Regular untangling can help keep your curly weave looking gorgeous for longer. To untangle, Brushing your curly hair when dry can cause it to poof, but it depends on the brush type you use. You can comb the weave tenderly by using of shower comb or wide tooth. Start with the base then come all the way right up to the track.

Another great way to remove tangles is to use your fingers as opposed to brushes as the tangles often worsen if brushed. A spray detangle can also help eliminate tangles. However, you can ditch the brush altogether and use a wide-toothed comb instead. A comb will also work better with damp hair.

4.Never sleep on wet hair. Make sure your hair is dehydrated before you go to bed. It is also recommended to wrap your hair together or gently tie it up to prevent tangling.

5.When shampooing makes sure your hair is not bunched up or piled on top of your head. This badly tangles hair. Instead of doing this, gently wash vertically in one direction only. Be sure to use a rather gentle shampoo and don’t skimp on the quality. If your extensions are sew in human hair weaves, you need to treat them like your own.

Malaysian curly hair bundles with closure

Malaysian curly hair is great for women of African/Afro-Caribbean descent.Curls remain firmly intact, even after 2 or 3 washes.Malaysian hair blends very well with relaxed hair.

When buying Malaysian curly hair bundles, we recommend that you buy malaysian curly hair bundles with closure to help you save a lot of money and make your human hair extension look more natural, why not? At New users can sign up for $6 and you can click here to get more discounts.

If you’ve made up your mind to go for a  Malaysian weave, think about what sort of look you want, and one that matches your personality and dress style.Once you’ve installed your Malaysian hair, concentrate on proper care and maintenance to ensure you get the longevity out of your weave that Malaysian virgin hair is known for.

Below is a video of how to install of Malaysian curly hair bundles with closure. If you don't know how to install Malaysian hair, you can watch the video below to learn. Have a good day!

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