As for curly weave hair, many people enjoy it but feel hard to take care of it. In fact, it’s very easy if you use right product and proper shampooing techniques. Below is how to wash curly hair to extend its life.


Step 1: Wash curly hair weave in a big washbasin where it can hang loosely.


Step 2: Add some salon-quality shampoo to your hair and use your hand to uniformly rub.

Notice: don’t fiddle along the hair bonding area.


Step 3: Use cool or warm water to rinse the weave.

Step 4: Gently squeeze water with the towel.


Step 5: Apply some conditioner in your hair for at least 1 minute. Then use cool or warm water to wash the weave.


Step 6: Towel-dry your curly hair.


Whichever hair you have,  Brazilian hair, Peruvian hair , Malaysian hair, or Indian hair, wash the same way.

More Notes for you: Go to sleep after the curly hair has completely dry; do not use hot water to wash curly hair.

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